Today’s B2B digital landscape is more competitive than ever. Companies need a multi-faceted approach to increase brand awareness and reach target audience segments.
When you work with SpecTarget, you gain a team of experts who create and execute a customized B2B digital marketing strategy that helps you achieve your unique business goals.

In additon to impelemting best-practice SEO and Paid search to attract those looking for certain software solutions, we provide a competitive edge for our clients with “Next Level” digital strategies, such as:

  • Account-Based Marketing – Identify the organizations that mean the most to your company’s success, then develop a strategy to reach the right people within the business with information (content) that will be of interest. SpecTarget uses programmatic methods to automate (to a point) this process. 
  • Event Retargeting – If your company is investing in tradeshows, Event Retargeting allows you to continue your message after the show has ended. Our programmatic advertising technology allows us to identify individuals who were at a specific event over a certain timeframe, match their mobile IDs with their home IP address and serve your digital ads to them while they are online.

    Not at a particular show? No problem, we can identify targets for up to 6 months AFTER a certain date range and serve ads to the targets who were there. 

  • IP Targeting – Give us a list of the physical addresses of the company locations you need to reach. We will identify the IP addresses associated with those locations and serve your ads to everyone consuming content online. 
  • Geo-Fencing – Our AdTech enables marketers to create custom audiences by targeting shapes on a map with pinpoint precision and serve mobile ads to individuals who are in or have been in the area. 
  • Contextual Targeting – Contextual targeting looks at the category or keywords of the current page a consumer is viewing and then serves them ads that are highly relevant to that content. So, viewers only see ads they’re interested in, and you only serve valuable impressions to the right viewers.

B2B Industries We've Had Great Success With:

Traditionally, manufacturers have relied on reseller or distribution channels

, traditional print advertisements andtrade shows to market their products. These tactics are still relevant as long as their target audience is engaged with these channels. However, it can no longer stop there. Competition is tight!

Reaching the right person at the right organization with information that will inspire them to make a change is crucial to generating new business as well as keeping current customers on the books. 

SpecTarget helps manufacturers find their audiences and reach them through the digital channels they spend the most time in. Our programmatic advertising technology allows us to find and build audiences using data based on interests, locations, titles, online behavior and content consumed. Then we create campaigns designed to reach and engage these target audiences with messaging designed to inspire them to learn more. 

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The enterprise level software industry is about as “B2B” as you can get. SpecTarget is deeply rooted in Information Technology. We speak the same langauge and have helped many Enterprise Software from diverse industries schedule demos and fill their pipeline with qualified leads. 

  • Business Process Management
  • Service Management 
  • ITSM
  • Multi-Unit Accounting

It starts with learning the solution and who/why it was created. From there we are able to identify the audience, what information would resonate with the audience and the best channels for finding and engaging with them. 

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Commercial Equipment is a vast industry. From industrial HVAC equipment, to complex medical imaging equipment, businesses rely on equipment to serve their customers. Today, most research for commercial equipment will happen online. Maybe you are a long-time vendor, or you just took over a region and need to expand your marketshare. Audiences in charge of purchasing equipment will conduct their research online.

At SpecTarget we identify those who would be most interested in our client’s products and through our technology, we build audiences and campaigns designed to capture attention and inspire them to learn more. 

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Business Services is a broad segment. Some of the industries we’ve developed awesome lead gen stratgies for include: 

  • Information Systems Solutions – Identifying and generating interest for IT related services at target companies. 
  • Staffing/Recruiting – Working with recruitng and Staffing firms to connect with the professionals they specialize in placing. 
  • Security Services – From traditional physical security, to logistical security, fraud and malware protection services. Clients in these sectors provide a valuable service. We develop digital strategies to help them reach the right people at their targeted accounts. 
  • Logistics – From delivery services and frieght companies to complex aviation solutions, our approach to digital marketing and lead gen remain consistant. Learn, identify, innovate, build, execute, monitor and adjust. 

It all starts with the question “who do you need to reach?” 

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Who Do You Need to Reach?