Starting Your Search? 

SpecTarget is Your Fractional Marketing Department
  From Search Through Acquisition

We Specialize

SpecTarget is a digital marketing firm specializing in helping businesses reach hyper-specific target audiences. We bring over 20 years of marketing and technology experience to serve as a trusted advisor to provide an unfair competetive advantage for our clients.

We Diagnose Before We Prescribe

We will never simply tell a client what they need before we have taken the time to properly “diagnose” their problem.  Our approach is to first learn our client’s business and who it is they need to reach. We immerse ourselves into our client’s products, services and culture. We learn all of the “who, what, where, and why’s”, then develop strategies designed to best address each, while accomplishing the marketing goals established. 

We Are Selective

Just as clients are selective about the agencies they hire, SpecTarget is just as selective about the clients we work with. This is not because we have businesses waiting in line to work with us. This is to ensure when we we approach a new engagement, it is a perfect fit for both parties. This approach keeps our agency doing what we do best, while setting our clients up for success because our team is firing on all cylinders. 

Who Do You Need to Reach?