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We Specialize in Creating Customized Digital Strategies Designed to Reach Specific Target Markets

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization touches so many elements of a company’s web presence that we include a certain level of SEO with every client engagement. This allows our team to diagnose any underlying fundamental issues that could be counter productive to the overall strategy we create. 

Each client will require a different level of focus on SEO, but SEO will always be addressed. This may be as simple as an SEO audit to uncover a list of technical issues preventing a website from ranking as well as it could. Or, we may recommend a complete Search Engine Optimization program, designed to establish or improve online ranking for specific keywords through content developement, video production, link building and more.

It depends on a client’s business goals and objectives. But SEO is a common thread througout all of our client engagements. 

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Paid Search

Paid Search, or (Pay Per Click or PPC) is often a part of the foundational elements of a digital strategy. The traffic from Paid Search ads (such as Google AdWords) are those who are searching for products and services online. An effective paid search strategy can help a company reach the top of a search result page (SERP) for competitive keywords they may not be ranking for organically.  

But we don’t stop there. At SpecTarget, we look at the big picture and develop full-funnel campaigns that utilize the features of the AdWords platform, create compelling ad copy and landing page content and messaging that inspires visitors to take action. 

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Social Media Advertising

 Advertising through Social Media platforms allows us to reach targeted audiences through social apps used by millions of people 24/7. The major social networks offer advertising options, but not all of them will be a great fit for for all marketing strategies.

Once we learn your business, processes, products and competition we work closely with your team to identify custom audiences based on user interests, locations, connections and other data points to fit the criteria of a targeted persona.

Should our research expose an opportunity to engage potential customers through certain social media channels, the team at SpecTarget will develop campaigns designed to leverage the data available within the ad exchanges to accomplsh the goals we’ve established with our clients. 

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Programmatic is buying digital advertising space and optimizing the campaigns automatically. The programming uses data to decide which ads to buy and how much to pay for them in real time.

Traditionally, digital display campaigns are managed by channel, while our programmatic technology allows advertisers a single source platform backed by machine learning to manage and optimize an omni-channel strategy.

We focus on who we need to reach, interests, demographics, behavior, location, events, and devices. Then develop campaigns to continuously reach individuals matching the audiences we build.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the practice of using software to automate certain marketing tasks and actions to allow companies to engage potential customers with relevant messaging and nurture sales leads at scale.

SpecTarget implements Marketing Automation solutions with some of the most innovative companies in MARTECH. Some of the applications we work with include:

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The application used depends on the level of automation complexity required by the overall strategy. We are platform neutral, meaning we may recommend a certain automation platform, but if our client has a solution in place they prefer, we can adapt, provided the solution is able to perform as needed.

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